Corcentric’s S2P team is home to analyst intern, Alexis Martin and we’re proud to announce that she was named one of Forbes' 30 Under 30 Scholars for 2019! The program puts diversity and inclusion at the forefront and provides winning students with opportunities to network and exchange professional development at the annual 30 Under 30 Summit.

In late October, Martin attended the Summit in Detroit, Michigan where notable figures such as Serena Williams and Antoni Porowski presented thought leadership and life lessons.

We spoke to Alexis to hear more about her career thus far and her plans for the future. Let’s hear what she had to share:

So you’re currently studying at Drexel University, what has your education journey included so far?

My education journey became unique during the summer after 8th grade. I participated in a leadership program to introduce minorities to technology at the University of Michigan. During this time, we learned the basic concepts of programming and completed non-functional wireframes for an app-based project. I participated in Level 2 of the program at Stanford University where I was introduced to coding the following summer. Subsequently, I registered for a computer science course upon returning to high school.

What’s your major? And what made you interested in technology?

I am pursuing a dual-degree in Information Technology for my Bachelor’s and Cybersecurity for my Master’s. I got an interest in Technology from watching the show Criminal Minds. The character Penelope was always so fascinating to me due to her ability to track people down via her computer. I aspire to one day also be a technical analyst for the FBI so studying IT and Cybersecurity is providing me a solid foundation.

Can you speak to the type of campus involvement you’ve had?

I have been very involved on campus throughout all 5 of my years at Drexel. I served on the executive board of Drexel’s Black Action Committee for 3 years, the executive board of the National Society of Black Engineers for 1 year and I've been a member of the Women in Computing Society for 5 years. I now also serve as a Peer Mentor in the College of Computing and Informatics.

What type of community service has the campus led you to participate in?
Between being the president of DBAC and the Technical Outreach Community chair of NSBE, I have participated in a lot of community service. I helped facilitate a prom dress drive for local high school students, a toiletry drive, soup kitchen volunteering, and candlelight vigils.

Can you talk about some of the professional experiences you’ve gained over the past few years?

I have been blessed to have 3 full-time cooperative education experiences. I worked as a project manager for Cigna, an analyst for Comcast and an internal auditor for Vanguard. Through these experiences, I developed networks and made priceless connections that I would not have achieved from solely learning in a classroom. Furthermore, this experience taught me people skills and how to advocate for myself when needed. Lastly, each company introduced me to new tools like Trello, Decipher, and Fortify. These hands-on experiences will serve me well throughout the rest of my career.

What does it mean to you to be honored as one of Forbes’ Under 30 Scholars?
It means a lot to be honored as a Forbes Under 30 Scholar because it is symbolic of my potential. I appreciate that someone else saw my skillset of innovation, strength, and leadership to send me the exclusive application link. The connections I made at Forbes were divine and I am excited and inspired for my future.

How does your new position as Analyst intern at Corcentric fit into your career path?
This new position as an Analyst intern fits into my career path because I receive projects on the IT side of the company. The experiences here of working with data to find the best options for our clients are fulfilling. We also have a great network of employees here that are supportive of my professional development.

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