ICYMIM: November 4, 2019

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CSR, Procurement and North America: Creating a Market
Michael Lamoureux, Sourcing Innovation, 11/1/2019
There's a clear compliance challenge that comes with trying to create a wholly sustainable supply chain. If your company wants to ensure there aren't any unethical missteps with stakeholders, it's going to cost time and money. Michael Lamoureux makes a case for why bring a part of the Ecovadis network helps companies work against the odds and save money while doing so.

5 Ways for Retail Distribution Centers to Optimize Operations
Jeff St. George, Future of Sourcing, 10/31/2019
Shipping times are getting shorter and competition between retailers is growing more tense with each technological advancement. Smart retailers are needing to invent new ways of staying ahead from training facility workers to optimizing the purchasing process. Jeff St. George gives us five key ways retailers can improve operations and maintain a competitive advantage.

The Candidate Experience Kaleidoscope: How an MSP can Help Improve Talent Sourcing & Engagement 
Sameer Srivastava, Future of Sourcing, 10/24/2019
With a gap in talent, recruiters are given the tall order or finding the perfect match for their company. Managed service providers (MSPs) might be the best weapon for finding the highest quality talent and improving the candidate experience. Sameer Srivastava explains how MSPs can help companies overcome the challenge of attracting the right talent and optimizing the recruitment process overall. 
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