ICYMIM: November 11, 2019

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Supply Chain Transparency Critical to Slowing Down the Amazon Deforestation
Franco Vessio, Future of Sourcing, 11/7/2019
The largest rainforest in the world, which is home to over 3 million species of plants and animals, has suffered from over 72,000 fire outbreaks just in 2019. While the catastrophes don't seem to be slowing down, businesses such as H&M and the VF corporation are halting sourcing from the country. Franco Vessio explains how businesses are becoming more and more of the deforestation issue and its impact on the climate issue.

Onshoring vs. Offshoring: 4 Indications the Tide is Turning in Manufacturing
Jim Quinn, Future of Sourcing, 11/06/2019
U.S. companies are unsure how the trade war will continue and with the threat of even more tariffs, they need a plan. Generational trends are also causing major shifts in workforce patterns and manufacturing is seeing a shortage of factory workers.  Jim Quinn will demonstrate how tariffs, employees, and other factors like innovation are changing manufacturing for good.

The Potential and Risks of Cryptocurrency in Procurement 
Kelly Barner, Buyers Meeting Point, 10/28/2019
Blockchain is a Procurement buzzword and many associate blockchain technologies with bitcoin. So does cryptocurrency play a role in procurement? If so, other cryptocurrency projects have indicated this might be a risky path to follow. Kelly Barner paints a picture of what the relationship with cryptocurrency and procurement might look like. 
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