The Procurement professional’s job is a challenging and often unpredictable one. In addition to providing hands-on support across multiple functions, they are forced to contend with a fluctuating demand pattern. Evolving, diverse, and inconsistent responsibilities make it tough for organizations to efficiently allocate their efforts and resources. 

Traditionally, Procurement organizations have turned to Business Process Outsourcing to gain additional support. Procurement's strategic and essential nature, however, means that outsourcing is rarely effective. Hiring Procurement professionals to meet surges in demand tends to prove similarly ineffective. That's why Source One introduced its flexible, on-demand Procurement Help Desk support model.
The model provides access to a spend management consultant team, market intelligence database, and proprietary sourcing technologies, all for about the same price as a single sourcing hire.

Source One's newest whitepaper, Enabling the Business with On-Demand Supply Chain Support presents the Procurement Help Desk as a customizable alternative to traditional support models and outlines a recent Help Desk engagement.

The spend management team put their Help Desk model to the test when they were approached by a large Medical Device Manufacturer. Though they hoped to reduce costs and boost efficiency by hiring a new supply chain professional, they soon realized they needed a new approach. After a series of discussions, both parties determined that the Procurement Help Desk would best serve their needs.

Over more than two years, the nearshoring project evolved into a comprehensive, multi-layered spend optimization initiative. The Medical Device Manufacturer collaborated with the Procurement Help Desk team on over a dozen strategic initiatives across numerous commodity groups, categories, and continents. Along with thousands in cost savings, the partnership provided the client with more efficient Procurement processes, greater supply chain visibility, and better, more strategic supplier relationships. They now possess the expertise and experience to make more informed decision across their supply chain.

Check out Enabling the Business with On-Demand Supply Chain Support to learn more about the Procurement Help Desk and gain a better sense of what Source One's flexible support model looks like in action. 

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