Over the last several years, podcasts have evolved from a seeming fad to a respected source of news and entertainment. Citing the Reuters Institute's recent Digital News Report, Business Insider writes that a third of Americans have listened to a podcast in the last month. They're not alone. Podcasts have seen popularity skyrocket all across the globe. In South Korea, for example, nearly 60% of citizens are regular listeners.

Why the sudden popularity? Experts cite a number of factors including the prevalence of home speaker systems and a growing sense of fatigue with 'screen-time.' Whatever the cause, it's clear that podcasts are here to stay.

Naturally, the Procurement and Strategic Sourcing team at Source One thought they'd get in on the fun. Every week, members of their award-winning cost reduction team step into the recording booth to discuss emerging Supply Management trends, share success stories, and offer Procurement best practices on the Source One Podcast.

Both informative and conversational, these conversations serve Source One's mission to imbue their service offering with a human touch. "There are countless Supply Management blogs out there, but relatively few bring a human face (or voice) to the conversation," says the podcast's editor and co-host, Bennett Glace. "Our hope is to encourage a new level of engagement with our content and to make listeners feel like active participants in the discussions that are dominating Supply Management."

In addition to one-off installments, the podcast also includes regular series focused on events like the Institute for Supply Management's Annual Conference. Recent episodes have provided:

Subscribe on iTunes today for weekly updates from the leaders in Procurement and Strategic Sourcing. Whether you're looking to absorb new insights or just make your morning commute a little more interesting, the Source One Podcast is a must-listen.
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