ICYMIM: July 9, 2018

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Jay Sheer, Thomas Net, 7/2/2018
Many manufacturers believe in the common misconception that buyers tend to slow down during the summer months. This notion was accurate in the past, but in today's world, the global supply chain is both data driven and ultra competitive, making it potentially harmful to take time off. ThomasNet took a look at buying activity, and found that summer months were actually high traffic months for buyers. With this being said, the summer months can turn into a potential peak time for manufacturers to take advantage of a slimmer competitive market, among other perks to this overlooked time period. 

As we complete the first half of the year, Spend Matters takes a look at the most popular and intriguing questions in the Procurement world of 2018 thus far. A variety of aspects are covered throughout the 4-topic question and answer piece. Featuring areas such as the supplier qualification process, professional development, spend, the article even adds a philosophical approach, analyzing different software selection options.

Marisa Brown, My Purchasing Center, 6/22/2018
Blockchain technology is one of the hottest topics in the technology world. This technology, also known as general ledger technology, allows parties to exchange information without the need for an intermediary. Studies have predicted that this technology will provide organizations who utilize it with an important competitive advantage. However, even though the technology can be so beneficial, many groups are not fully aware of the nature of it or how to utilize it. Providing a closer look, Brown highlights the technology's current and future uses, as well as the importance of approaching the innovation with caution. 
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