Today's highly-strategic Procurement functions require a new kind of professional. Flexible, collaborative these are leaders who'll drive the department's strategic evolution into its next era.

Unsurprisingly, a number of these individuals are finding their way into Procurement as independent contractors. Providing temporary, supplemental support they empower organizations to meet their fluctuating needs and build the diverse skillsets they require.

When it comes to bringing temporary Procurement resources on board, organizations have a number of employment models to choose from. If they're open to bringing the right person on full-time but uncertain about they're future needs, they might consider offering a contract-to-hire position. This arrangement will provide the opportunity to give Procurement contractors a 'trial run.' Whether your organization employs contractors or contract-to-hire resources, it's possible a temporary hire will impress you enough to consider making them a full-time employee. Source One's Procurement staffing and recruiting team share some signs it's time to consider making an offer.

1. They've Made Things Clear
If a contractor has explicitly expressed their interest in a full-time position, they've already done some of your work for you. While many of Procurement's independent resources are serial contractors, some are more than happy to settle down when the right opportunity appears. If you're happy with a contractor's performance - and they've made it clear they're happy with your organization - don't wait for them to find a full-time offer elsewhere. Exercise particular urgency if you have reason to believe they're already looking.

Though it's important to address the situation directly, both parties should take care not to behave too aggressively. You might scare the perfect Procurement resource away if you seem overeager to break from your initial agreement. Additionally, assuming that a full-time job is guaranteed is a sure sign of an entitled attitude.

Honestly reflect on your organization's needs and future objectives. How does this Procurement contractor support your efforts to meet these? Are they genuinely willing and able to provide this support? If so, move ahead with welcoming them aboard as a full-time employee.

2. They've Become Indispensable
Like any world-class employee, the best Procurement contractors go above and beyond the duties listed on their job description. If a contractor has caused you to rethink your definition for their position, why not consider making a formal change?

Just because a contractor's performance exceeds expectations doesn't mean they'll make a smooth transition into full-time employment. If they work on-site, take care to assess the impact they've had on office culture. It's hardly a guarantee that a temporary resource will have any discernible impact, let alone a positive one. Many operate in isolation and neglect to mingle with their their interim co-workers. A Procurement contractor who's taken a proactive approach to engaging with their peers and exerted a positive effect on workplace will likely continue to do so as a full-time hire. You may not want to risk losing their morale-boosting influence.

3. Your Needs Have Changed
It's possible that shifts within your business or organization have changed your Procurement talent needs. In these situations, converting a contractor to a full-time employee might prove more cost-effective than devoting time and resources to recruiting someone new. If your contractor has performed impressively and appears open to the idea, start this conversation sooner rather than later. Making this pivot quickly can help your organization thrive in the period following a major transition.

Whether you're looking to work as a contractor or find the right hire to support your team, Source One's Procurement staffing team is here to help. Reach out today to start building a world-class Procurement function.

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