ICYMIM: July 16, 2018

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Big Data and Supply Chain Risk Management
Kristin Manganello, Thomas Net, 7/12/2018
In today's innovative, fast-paced world, supply chains must adjust to a vast, complex information landscape that seemingly shifts every day. Evolving factors that supply chain professionals must face include material shortages, natural disasters, unpredictable pricing, regulatory issues, labor ethics, and global social and political unrest. However, technological advancements have allowed professionals to track and organize the large pool of information, in turn, enabling them to prepare in the form of risk management. 

Diversifying the Supply Chain
Conor McGlade, Thomas Net, 7/11/2018
The sum of the parts is greater than the whole- ever heard that before? There are a variety of factors that contribute to an organization's decision-making process. Revenue, logistics, customer engagement, and inventory are just a few that play a role. Supplier diversity is another factor that is vital to the process, as such diversity can provide a great benefit for all supply chain aspects. These benefits extend past the supply chain itself to different sectors of an organization including regulation, reputation, and finances.

Suppliers and ePayables Acceptance: Latest Findings
Dennis Bouley, My Purchasing Center, 7/5/2018
Recent surveys have observed that supplier acceptance of card payments has increased since 2009 across  a number of spend categories. In particular, experts have observed significant growth in professional services and utilities since 2013. The surveys uncovered a variety of other findings, including topics such as instruction reception, international acceptance rates, and program prevalence and resistance. Bouley discusses these findings and provides an informative overview of ePayment.

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