Over the last several weeks, Source One has published a five-part whitepaper series dissecting Procurement Transformation. Collecting insights from Supply Management's preeminent thought leaders, Procurement Transformation: Industry Perspectives has provided a comprehensive assessment of this popular topic.

The full series is now available as a single comprehensive Procurement Transformation eBook.

Readers who download the informative volume can expect insightful commentary on each of the following:

  • Procurement's and Supply Management's ongoing strategic evolution
  • The mindset and motivations that make for a successful Transformation.
  • Recruiting and Retaining world-class Procurement talent
  • Identifying and addressing non-productive friction in Procurement's processes. 
  • Taking a curiously skeptical approach to emerging Procurement technologies.
  • Procurement's evolving risk management role. 
  • The emergence of advanced sourcing technologies. 
  • Maintaining momentum post-Transformation. 
  • Measuring and reporting on Procurement's success. 
As you can see, the series and eBook cover a lot of ground. Source One is certain, however, that the conversation surrounding Procurement Transformation is still just beginning. Though they bring this particular discussion to a close today, they look forward to engaging in many discussions like it in the future. 
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