ICYMIM: February 27, 2017

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Philip Ideson, The Art of Procurement, 2/20/2017

In this conversation with the founder of procurement online learning and networking platform, Procurious, Philip Ideson learns about Procurement 4.0. Industry 4.0 refers to the automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, causing a change in the way business functions operate, to which procurement responds to with Procurement 4.0. In needing to adjust to the new way business operations will change, Procurement 4.0 gives procurement functions a boost in keeping up. In addition to these changes in the industry, Ideson discusses how he came to creating the Art of Procurement.  

Sonda Sahley, Corporate United, 2/22/2017

Reducing office waste is a great way to cut back on costs for supplies in office facilities like breakrooms and restrooms, where paper products are used in large quantities. Sahley provides an infographic with details on how devices like portion-controlled soap and towel dispensers can both reduce waste and decrease spending for office supplies. Between less packaging waste and less supplies being utilized with portion control, there is significant cost reducing efforts to be made in the breakroom of any office space. 

Andrea Brody, BravoSolution, 2/15/2017  

When consumers or the general public are unsatisfied with the way a product is being manufactured, or the origin of the product, supply chain professionals are usually the first to hear about it. Social and environmental issues are driving many supply chains to be more sustainable, including for products that are utilized in multiple areas of an industry, for example, the food industry and it's issues with palm oil processing. Recently, guidelines were released trying to prompt companies to release the percentage of palm oil they procure from traceable suppliers, in an attempt to publicly declare their dedication to health and safety concerns, and workers rights. 

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