5 Recruiting Trends for Millennials in 2017
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In an effort to deliver continuous insights on various employment trends, the MRINetwork released the results of its recent research on millennial talent management titled, 2017 Millennial Hiring Trends Study. The MRINetwork conducted a survey of over 200 recruiters in over 600 office locations, along with 181 millennial professionals to get an inside look at millennial talent trends. 
From the results of this survey, we highlighted the top 5 trends:

1. Most companies reported not concentrating on Millennials when recruiting, even considering succession planning as this younger generation will need to fulfill the C-Suite roles that will soon be abandoned by the Baby Boomer population.

2. Advancement and mentorship in the company were lower priorities compared to compensation, which was the first priority for Millennials.

3. 40% of Millennials admitted to being influenced more by market reputation compared to online presence, which is what 54% of recruiters believed was a stronger priority for this technology-driven generation.

4. A career pathing process has been credited as the most effective for retaining Millennials. This approach gives Millennials a layout for advancing into new roles within the company, a perspective they appreciate compared to previous generations.

5. 71% of recruiters claim it’s not apparent if the market is compelled by candidates, but 53% of the millennials surveyed felt employers had the advantage.

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