ICYMIM: January 30, 2017

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Christina O'Handley - ThomasNet, 2/1/2017

Just a month into the new year and we've already seen some ingenious concepts launched in the manufacturing industry, including a few of the highlights covered by O'Handley in this post. These product developments come from engineers of all different specifications and backgrounds, some offering solutions for recent issues and others adjusting existing models to be more universally friendly. 

Kelly Barner, riskmethods, 2/3/2017

Some supply chain experts are familiar with recalls in the manufacturing industry, but rarely one that lasts for nearly a decade. The effects of a recall this long include continued disturbances in the supply chain, and uncertainty in the industry, along with the expected fines and charges for damages from the faulty product. Barner uses this example of the Takata case that proves how the results of a recall are damaging to any business. 

The Doctor (AKA Michael Lamoureux) - Sourcing Innovation, 2/3/2017

Supplier management professionals can verify the department covers quite a bit of responsibility, more than the initial title consisted of. The future of this function, similarly to procurement, is a bit unclear. Three main points of where experts in this group can improve included more visibility, value-driven design and verocity. The Doctor breaks down these three points and examples their crucial role in the development of supplier management. 

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