Last fall, Source One introduced the Communications Intern position to have a designated intern support the specific efforts of the Communications team. In the past, analyst interns had the opportunity to contribute to the blog and marketing strategy that the Communications department at Source One manages. 

While the Intern Corner allows for analyst interns to share their individual experiences with Source One, my role is responsible for contributing to the blog regularly with weekly posts in our ICYMIM (In Case You Missed It Monday), the Source One Round Up, and other blogs announcing company updates and industry news.

Just like the analyst interns, I perform extensive research and evaluate data but rather than being directed towards client sourcing projects, my efforts support the internal marketing and business strategies for Source One. Being actively involved in the communications initiatives at Source One has helped me understand both the broad range of service offerings Source One provides and the expanding procurement, sourcing, and supply chain industries. I’ve experienced a variety of functions in the communications department to discover my preferred focus, which I have found to be with media and public relations specifically.

After observing the processes for arranging and sponsoring event and speaking opportunities in the fall, I’ve learned how we prepare for these occasions to demonstrate Source One’s presence in the industry. Now that I’m familiar with the process, I can confidently communicate with correspondents for the conferences and events we are interested in for the upcoming year. As the service offerings at Source One continue to grow, I had the opportunity to create webpages for new offerings and generating content for the website to demonstrate our capabilities and experiences.

These are simply a few examples of the many processes I've been involved in during my time at Source One. My understanding of the different initiatives, beyond how to execute them, has always been a priority for everyone I've worked with, from upper management to my direct supervisor. Besides the dedication to professional development, Source One also has a unique company culture. Even as the organization expands, they maintain a familiar environment that values work and personal life balance. No one gets lost in the crowd here, every member of the team contributes a particular expertise that contributes to the organization overall. 
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Catherine Nardone

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