The Strategic Sourceror's Intern Corner introduces the students and young professionals that are joining the Source One team as analyst interns throughout the year. These individuals are sharing their backgrounds and what brought them to Source One, and reflecting on their experiences so far at Source One while discussing their intentions and aspirations for the future. Through the internship program, these students receive hands-on experience in strategic sourcing efforts and supply chain processes that allow them to see their potential with a career in consulting.

Source One provides services and solutions for businesses from a variety of industries, which creates opportunity for students seeking early career experience to apply their education whether focused on supply chain management, engineering, accounting, or finance. This spring, Source One welcomes Vincent, Maxwell, and Nick as analyst interns from both our Chicago, IL and Willow Grove, PA locations. Learn more about them below:

My name is Shiji Varughese and I am currently working at Source One’s Chicago office. I am twenty-three years old and am completing my degree in Finance with a minor in Accounting at DePaul University, after transferring from Oakton Community College where I received my Associate in Arts degree. I have strategically focused my career to center around investments, and have a specific interest in equities. I was able to do this by participating in various opportunities at DePaul,through which I gained valuable exposure to the field. Through these opportunities I was able to develop skills with financial trading technology, data analysis and market research which I apply regularly to the processes I am involved in as an Analyst Intern at Source One. 

The internship opportunity Source One provides students like myself with a window to further advance this skill set I have already developed, and apply these strategies to the strategic sourcing and procurement processes implemented on a regular basis. The internship opportunity promises a tremendous amount of potential for growth into a full-time position in consulting and procurement. I look forward to expanding my knowledge on the industry working alongside the experts at Source One. 

My name is Vincent Ciaramitaro and I am twenty-six years old, based at Source One's Chicago office.  I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri and received my undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from The University of Kansas in 2012.  After graduation, I immediately began my professional career as a production enhancement engineer for Halliburton in Colorado.   After four years of large scale project design and implementation throughout the Rocky Mountains, I decided to leave the oil patch in order to achieve a higher education.  I am currently pursuing an M.B.A. degree from DePaul University.  It was tough to leave behind the skiing, mountain biking, and endless adventure that Colorado provided, but it didn’t take long for me to discover that Chicago is a world-class setting as well.

I am very excited to be here at Source One and everyone in the Chicago office has welcomed me with charm. Not only does Source One offer me direct exposure to a myriad of business types, but I also gain valuable experience in the consulting process of delivering value to our clients.  In my M.B.A. program at DePaul, I am specializing in Supply Chain Management, and Source One's subject expertise allows me to learn about the industry first hand.  During my internship, I hope to be challenged in a new environment, impact the advancement of procurement and strategic sourcing, and continue to refine my analytical and project management skills.  

My name is Maxwell Glass, and I am twenty-two years old originally hailing from Abington, PA. I am working in Source One's Willow Grove, PA office. Currently I am a senior at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA, where I am majoring in Finance with a minor in Anthropology. I’ve focused my collegiate career on the financial aspects of the macro economy, whether that be applying myself to balance sheet analysis, working with derivative trading products, or conducting financial research. I was drawn into consulting by the ability to translate the technical skills I've gained from previous experience into the everyday efforts by professionals in the industry. 

Since starting at Source One, I have been placed with the spend analysis team where I am working directly on both internal and external projects analyzing and optimizing general ledgers. In addition to this I have been given a more technical focus where I am now beginning to work with Python and debugging scripts such that I will be able to act as an intermediary between the business and technology functional groups.

While I still have much to learn about the role, the surrounding support network has been tremendous in helping me to transfer my financial knowledge to the practical situations I am being tasked with handling every day. 

Going forward I know that with the support I have at my disposal, and the rigor of work challenged of everyone, my skills and abilities will progress boundlessly. As an individual with deep interest in financial strategy and game theory, as well as the practical application of these ideologies, the spend analysis team provides me an exponentially growing environment in which I can prosper alongside my co-workers. I look forward to not only the next step of our current project, but also to see what is next for us.

My name is Nick Salek and I am working at Source One’s Chicago Office. I am twenty-one years old and grew up in Elmhurst, a suburb of Chicago. Currently, I am a senior undergrad at DePaul University, majoring in Finance with minors in International Business and Accounting. I am the treasurer of DePaul Club Water Polo and a member of the Finance Honors Cohort. One of my favorite parts of living in Chicago and going to DePaul is the opportunity to participate in internship programs, like at Source One, that offer valuable learning experiences. I greatly enjoy the opportunity to take what I learn in class one day and see how it directly applies in the real world. I’m happy to say I’ve been able to do that daily at Source One!

Source One’s Chicago office is filled with friendly and knowledgeable professionals. Since starting  in January of this year, I’ve had the opportunity to work on projects in a wide variety of industries. While my role was limited in the first few projects, I’ve been able to take on greater responsibility as my skills and industry knowledge grow. As my industry knowledge has grown I’ve recognized a strength in Telecomm and IT, working with the team on a number of projects. While I have already built a general understanding of Procurement and Sourcing Consulting, I look forward to expanding my knowledge even further. With Source One, I also hope to further develop my analytical and communication skills and continue my career in consulting after graduation. 

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