ICYMIM: February 13, 2017

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What Can You Do To Create More Supply Chain Transparency?
Christina O'Handley, ThomasNet, 2/8/2017

Every supply chain professional can agree that productive, adequate monitoring systems can be more than difficult to develop and maintain. This is credited to the structure of the supply chain industry and the amount of variety involved in the individual processes. Data latency is one of the main contributing issues that prevents clarity in a supply chain and causes obscurity for suppliers or manufacturers and the organizations they work with. Errors within the data that is available is another key factor in how transparency is countered between operations in the supply chain industry.

Blockchain: A Shared Ledger to Rid Waste from the Supply Chain
Susan Avery, My Purchasing Center, 2/9/17

Blockchain can offer the supply chain industry opportunity for transformation by providing a platform for information to be shared, in a public layout, that allows for data sets and ledgers to be confirmed as exact. As a new technology, blockchain is a trusted system of record that can be used among all the suppliers and manufacturers within an organizations supply chain. With this information widely available, blockchain is convenient while also raising concerns of visibility for data that might want to be private from some.

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