February 24, 2017

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction
 experts have been featured this week!

 Fleet Management: What are the Program Options?
As a Senior Sourcing Analyst, Jonathan Groda has worked with clients that had histories of not using the full breadth of services provided by their Fleet Management Company (FMC). These companies have the potential to deliver a range of core services, through a variety of programs offered by most FMCs, that are most often used to help manage larger fleets. This otherwise time-consuming and tedious task can be simplified when utilizing services available through existing resources, like FMCs, that can not only save time and money, but also ensure that your fleet is as efficient as possible. Groda provides sample of said programs, and explains the benefits of utilizing these programs.

Guiding Millennials in Your Workplace
Project Analyst Nicholas Harasymczuk discusses how his role has allowed him to mentor new hires, including those on the younger end of the millennial generation, and shares the techniques he feels are crucial to utilize when managing this specific group of young professionals. Harasymczuk recommends applying structure in the workplace, communicating often, demonstrating leadership, and valuing a work-life balance when it comes to managing millennials effectively. As a millennial in the middle of the generations spectrum, this advice comes from a source that has experienced the management patterns of previous generations and the work ethic of younger colleagues.

The supply chain professionals at Source One are looking forward to all the events the industry has in store for the spring of this year. The Institute for Supply Management's New York area location will host a conference on March 16th, a one day opportunity for procurement and risk management experts to network and discuss their predictions of industry trends for 2017. This conference offers sessions presented by experts in the industry on industry hot topics, while providing their educated predictions for the future of procurement, based on recent patterns and trends in the industry.

ISM 2017
Source One is preparing for various industry events approaching in 2017, including the Institute for Supply Management's annual conference in May. Designed for global supply chain and procurement professionals, this event brings together over 2,500  for four days of networking, educational sessions, and opportunities to learn from some of the leading supply chain and procurement executives. ExecIn, a sub-conference created as a meeting specifically for supply management leaders, is exclusively hosted by Source One. Featured speakers at ExecIn present exclusive sessions  produced for executives at non-consulting organizations, that provide the opportunity for them to reevaluate their processes and discover potential for improvement in their business.

The Road to SYNERGY - Baltimore, MD
In preparation for the annual SYNERGY conference Source One's partner Corporate United will host one day regional events in anticipation of the annual national meeting held later in the year. The first meeting will be in Baltimore, Maryland in early June, As a Gold Sponsor, Source One will be attending and sharing their innovative category solutions with other procurement professionals in the area. A day focused on leadership in the industry, best practices and personal development, local procurement professionals won't want to miss the opportunity to network with their peers on a smaller scale before the national conference. 
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