June 8, 2018

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction experts have been featured this week!

New Whitepaper Series:
Procurement Transformation: Industry Perspectives
Source One's new five-part whitepaper series collects insights and reflections from of Supply Management's most celebrated thought leaders. Drawing from their collective decades of experience, these experts provide their thoughts on the ever-popular topic of Procurement Transformation. Cutting through the noise and driving the conversation forward, they offer valuable insights and actionable best practices for organizations at any maturity level.

Part 1 - Procurement Transformation: Then & Now
Jim Baehr takes a look back on the last three and a half decades to provide a historical overview of Supply Management's ongoing strategic evolution. Over the years, our definition of Procurement Transformation has evolved alongside the function itself. Baehr charts these changes, reflects on the current state of Procurement Transformation, and predicts what Supply Management's next era might bring.

Part 2 - The Right Mindset
Why do so many organizations come up short when they embark on a Procurement Transformation? Joe Payne and Phil Ideson suggest problems with the department's mission, motivations, and mindset might be to blame. Procurement, they write, cannot transform its operations until it makes fundamental changes to the way it thinks about itself and the essential role it plays within an organization.

Part 3 - People, Processes, Technologies
Every organization has priorities. Embarking on a Transformation, they'll target the areas that need the most improvement in hopes of producing greater strategic value moving forward. Even the most incremental initiative, however, can't prove truly successful without taking into account the department's people, processes and technologies. One will always take precedence, but aligning these three components is essential to ensuring lasting results.

Recent Podcasts:
Procurement Transformation: The Right Mindset 
The Art of Procurement's Phil Ideson sits down with the Source One Podcast to discuss his contribution to Procurement Transformations: Industry Perspectives. Taking a look at Procurement's mission and motivations, he describes the ideal mindset that should guide a Transformation. He suggests a change of vocabulary might be in order. After all, the term 'Transformation' is often a frightening one. Fearing a massive overhaul of everything they've known, many Procurement teams run and hide from the idea of "Transformation." A more fitting term, he suggests, might be "evolution" or "refinement."

Best Practices for Workflows in Procurement 
At the intersection of numerous business areas, Procurement is uniquely equipped to construct, assess, and optimize the workflows within a business. Senior Project Analyst Jennifer Engel joins the Source One Podcast to present some best practices for Procurement professionals. Her advice should help anyone looking to establish transparent, sustainable, and flexible processes to support their operations. 
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