Andrew Jones opens this week's episode of the Source One Podcast with a Washington Post headline that ought to sound familiar. "Grow Up Crybabies," it reads, "You're America's Luckiest Generation." Surprisingly, the screed wasn't published last week, last month, or even last decade. The article is 25 years old.

Jones' point is clear. The criticism faced by millennial professionals is nothing new. For at least these last two and a half decades, young Americans have faced censure for their perceived laziness, entitlement, and lack of loyalty. These stereotypes, Jones suggests, aren't just tired. They're disproved by young supply chain professionals every day. What's more, many of these so called negative qualities don't seem so bad at all.

"What's wrong," Jones asks, "with an employee insisting on consistent feedback or otherwise challenging the status quo?" Jones considers it imperative for companies to look inward before casting judgement on their young recruits and hires. "If desire for feedback looks like entitlement, what does it say about you and your organization?

As a Procurement recruiter, Jones has observed the generational divide from the both the employer and employee's perspectives. While he acknowledges that emerging professionals have a lot to learn, he insists that the learning process should be mutual.

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