Procurement Recruiter similar to These 4 Careers

Whether you are currently in the Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Recruiting field, or considering making the transition to the recruitment industry, here is a list of other careers that are similar to that of a Procurement Recruiter. 


Counselor’s are best known for their ability to relate with others, and be the ever-listening confidant.  Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Recruiters, like Counselor’s, are often a listening ear and guiding compass.

Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Recruiter’s double as counselor’s often throughout their roles.  Whether it’s administering career-pathing advice, evaluating a candidate’s skill sets, interests, training and so forth to level-set expectations and provide realistic next steps, recruiters are invested in really listening to what their candidate’s wants and needs are, and creating a path towards success through the right career. 

Executive Assistant

Procurement & Supply Management Recruiters have to juggle multiple details simultaneously, and stay one step ahead of everyone else to ensure everyone is ‘happy’.  This behind the scenes balance requires loads of organization, unwavering communication skills, a bit of event planning expertise, and quite a bit of patience.  As the intermediary, Procurement Recruiters are always there to coordinate and execute, be it scheduling and rescheduling, and seeing someone’s vision for the future – either for the company or their career – through to the finish line.

On top of being the point person making sure everything runs smoothly, Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Recruiters also are similar to Executive Assistants in the way they build good relationships, knowing their Rolodex always comes in handy now, and in the future.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette

Let’s face it.  Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Recruiters have practiced the gentle breakup a million times.  Whether it’s the client who falls for the candidate, but the candidate gets a better offer elsewhere, or the candidate that found their dream job in the interview, only to find the client doesn’t feel their skills are a good match, Supply Management Recruiters have mastered the art of the soft letdown.  Not to mention, Procurement & Supply Management Recruiters typically are interviewing multiple candidates at a time to find the right fit for each role, just like the Bachelor/Bachelorette go through a series of dates to find ‘the one’. 

Secret Agent

Ever watched an action movie or mystery show and known right away what the plot twist was?  As Strategic Sourcing Recruiters, part of the territory is anticipating outcomes, and searching for the hidden details that may lie under the surface.  These small truths can unmask whether a candidate is actually serious about finding a new job, or whether there are gaps in their resume they were hoping to avoid discussing. 

As a Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Recruiter, we fill many shoes, and have to adapt when the situation calls for it.  If these skillsets resonate with you, then reach out to our Staffing & Recruiting Services experts to discuss a potential career!

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