Just about every hiring manager in Procurement and Supply Chain Management knows that a resume won't tell them everything about a candidate. They know they've got to leverage the interview process to assess the applicant's personality and gauge their compatibility with the organization. When they discuss this compatibility, they probably do so with reference to their organization's unique 'culture.'

Culture goes a long way. A Procurement team with a positive workplace culture - one where mutual respect and open communication win the day - will always perform more effectively than a dysfunctional one. Productivity and innovation soar when employees genuinely enjoy coming to work and collaborating with other members of a motivated team.

An organization can't build a positive workplace culture overnight. The wrong hire, however, can destroy an office environment about that quickly. Let's take a closer look at what can happen when Procurement's hiring managers fail to ask the right questions and bring a culture killer on-board.

Honest, constructive feedback is everything within your organization. Team members at every level feel comfortable exchanging suggestions, lessons learned, and best practices with one another. Thanks to regular performances reviews that are both frank and fair, everyone feels confident in their strengths and feels prepared to strategically address areas that need improvement.

Something changed with the new hire. Maybe they're less comfortable with transparency, less willing to hold themselves accountable, or less diplomatic in how they provide feedback. Regardless, the system you've employed to share feedback, address performance concerns, and encourage professional growth isn't working for this individual. Their negative attitude is rubbing off and communication is suffering company-wide.

Your office is a productive and high-energy workplace. Every member of your Procurement team knows that hard work pays off. They're excited to drive client engagements, reach collaborative solutions, and introduce innovation to your organization's processes. This enthusiasm is infectious. Its effect on client relationships is overwhelmingly positive and contributes to your organization's world-class results.

With your mismatched hire on the team, productivity slips. Whether it's laziness forcing co-workers to pick up the slack or a general lack of engagement, they've turned your top-notch organization into a laggard. This one low-energy Procurement professional won't turn the whole department to zombies, but they're certainly having a negative effect on everyone around them. What was once a great place to work becomes a daily burden for even your top performers.

Clients love working with your Procurement team. They've come to expect transparency, integrity, and innovative solutions. You're organization takes pride in treating clients like human beings rather than customers. This history of amicable relationships has helped your organization develop a positive reputation and distinguish itself as a true leader.

Your new hire brings their negative attitude and lack of respect into their client interactions. They're rude, condescending, and less-than-eager to develop the kind of bond that great business relationships depend on. Long-time partners start to view your organization differently. Some are seeking Procurement services elsewhere and word regarding your organization's toxic culture is starting to spread.

Don't suffer the consequences of a poor culture fit. Before interviewing candidates, take care to thoroughly assess what it is that makes your organization a unique and excellent work. Develop questions that speak to your company's culture and compel candidates to consider how they might fit in. A little extra work during this stage could save the morale and business relationships you've established through years of effort.

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