Let's face it. Searching for a job in Supply Management is often exhausting. Even the most positive professionals can easily grow discouraged when the process doesn't go as planned. Unfortunately, that discouragement rarely helps. Repeated disappointments might lead an applicant to enter an interview with a negative attitude or feel hopeless as they send out resumes. Attitude goes a long way in helping candidates stand out. A positive, motivated outlook can distinguish you as an asset to company culture. A dejected and defeated one? Well, that won't do much good.

For job hunters, motivation is as valuable as any detail on a resume. Even when the application process looks fruitless, it's important to accept each new interaction as a valuable opportunity to learn, grown, and maybe - just maybe - identify the next step in your career.

Working with a Procurement and Supply Management recruiter is a great way to avoid falling into despair. They'll not only put you in contact with best-fit employers, but they'll work to paint you as a best-fit employee. Their faith in you should prove infectious and help boost your confidence at every stage. For Source One's Procurement staffing experts, motivation is a key concern. "Oftentimes, you function like a coach," says Executive Search Consultant Andrew Jones. "Your job is to do everything possible to make the candidate feel calm, confident, and ready to succeed." Jones shares some of this tips for staying motivated during a protracted application process.

1. Stay Active

The studies don't lie. Physical activity can work wonders for your mental health. During a stressful period like a job hunt, it's particularly important to stay active. By reducing stress, you'll enter into interviews with a more positive attitude and enjoy a greater chance of success. That doesn't mean you need to rush out and join a gym. Introducing more exercise into your routine could be as walking the dog more often or taking the stairs. The anxiety-reducing impact of more regular exercise will have ripple effects that you'll feel in every interview.

2Focus on Your Wins

Throughout your career, it's always a best practice to keep track of your successes and accomplishments. During a discouraging application process, this proactive approach to personal branding can pay particular dividends. "Focusing on the high points in your work history won't just help you stay motivated," says Jones, "it's also a valuable way to prepare for interviews. Hiring managers want candidates who can confidently and concisely speak to their achievements. Keeping a folder of big wins will help you do this whenever necessary."

3Surround Yourself with Positivity

Here's where a recruiter can prove particularly essential. As part of a larger network of reassuring and empowering peers, they'll help you keep your short and long-term goals in mind. Engaging in conversations with similarly motivated individuals will help you take your mind off the interview process without fully breaking your focus. As you build a positive peer group, it's equally important to cut ties with overly negative members of your network. If you can't imagine someone inspiring you toward success, don't engage them during this crucial, often stressful process

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