Procurement has evolved. In fact, its evolution is still ongoing and shows no sign of stopping. Departments that once functioned as purely tactical resources are increasingly expected to drive company-wide strategy and produce value beyond cost savings. As Procurement's duties grow more diverse, strategic, and essential many companies find themselves looking for outside help.

Luckily for them, Outsourced Procurement Services Providers have evolved as well. Companies can still delegate purchase orders and shipments to a traditional BPO, but that's hardly the limit of what an outsourced Procurement unit can provide. Today's providers are capable of supporting Procurement's most challenging and strategic tasks.

Check out Source One's latest infographic. It offers tips for assessing the maturity level of your Procurement department and selecting the perfect outsourcing model to support its needs. 

Whether you're looking to hand-off tactical labor or overhaul Procurement entirely, Source One can help. Trust our Strategic Sourcing experts to determine the right outsourcing plan to help your Procurement team perform to its full potential. 

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