In Procurement, trust is as valuable a commodity as any other. It's both the glue that keeps stakeholder relationships together and the fuel that drives savings initiatives.  Without trust, Procurement consultants and their clients cannot hope to work together toward common goals.

Consultant Liz Skipor joins the Source One Podcast to discuss the importance of gaining and maintaining trust in stakeholder engagements. "Trust," she suggests, "is the keystone to a successful engagement."

Leveraging her years of experience engaging stakeholders and producing savings, Skipor offers her tips for building strategic partnerships and encouraging collaboration.  Speaking the stakeholder's language, maintaining consistent communication, and always coming prepared are all essential components of her method.  She's an expert at the art of supplier relationship management, and these practices have helped her achieve this status. 

Listen to the episode today.  You'll gain new insights into the factors that drive long-lasting, mutually beneficial vendor relationships.
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