Finding the right Procurement hire isn't so different from finding love.  Sure, there aren't' many songs about screening or on-boarding a new hire, but the same basic principles apply.  Hiring Managers suffer through awkward first dates and the other thrills and disappointments of relationships on a daily basis.  Essentially, they've got to try and find 'the one' for their company again and again.  To avoid the heartache of underwhelming candidates, many organizations are outsourcing these efforts to a Procurement recruiter.

A good Procurement recruiter functions like a matchmaker. They build dating profiles of sorts for their clients and preferred candidates. Tailoring resumes, developing pitches, and generally singing the praises of both parties, they experience online dating's highs and lows for a living.  With time, they learn to spot some of the same red flags that veterans of dating apps will recognize.

1. Misleading Profiles
You don't need to frequent dating apps to know that users often stretch the truth.  Login for five minutes and you'll come across more exaggerations and half-truths than you can count.  Procurement recruiters, tasked with analyzing resume after resume, have to spot these before pairing candidates with clients.  The unscrupulous applicant might claim experiences or skills they can't actually support with facts. Trust a good Procurement recruiter to wade through the falsehoods and identify candidates who can truly bring the skills you need to the table.

2. Checkered Pasts
Dating apps and websites can tell you a lot about a potential partner. Even a misleading profile can offer enough about interests and opinions to paint a useful picture of the user's personality.  What they almost never offer is information regarding the individual's romantic past. In a sense, recruiters can go a step farther than dating apps and dig into an applicant's history.  Leveraging references, they can take a deep dive into an applicant's employment history.  Have they alienated people in the past? Are they missing something essential? Are they lying on their resume? A recruiter can answer these questions and more as they perform their investigations.

3. A Lack of Commitment
Nobody likes getting ghosted.  Whether it's a match on a dating app, or an applicant scheduled for an interview, getting blown off is always a bummer.  Recruiters take the burden of dealing with flakes off your company's back.  Part of their job is determining which Procurement professionals are dependable and which will never show up.  If a candidate continually blows off their interviews, reschedules with suspect excuses, or shows a lack of preparation, they can cut ties before your hiring manager has to.

Finding the perfect match on dating site is rarely easy.  With the right recruiter, however, finding the perfect match for your Procurement team can be. Leave the hard work of courtship to a Procurement matchmaker and find the supply management professionals of your dreams.  Call Source One's contingent staffing experts today.
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