Megan Connell's impact on Source One was immediate.  Joining our ranks as an intern, she soon distinguished herself as indispensable member of the Procurement team.  Understandably, she accepted a full-time position in short order and has continued to advance at an uncommon pace.

Supply and Demand Chain Executive recognizes Meg for her particular success in Marketing procurement.  Unperturbed by the category's complications, she has enabled many of Source One's clients to optimize their Marketing budgets and establish more strategic partnerships with their preferred agencies.

Historically, Marketing and Procurement aren't know for collaborating closely.  Within many companies, Marketing departments still view Procurement as an unwelcome, cost-slashing adversary.  Meg has taken the lead in helping Source One's clients abandon their misconceptions about Procurement's influence and embrace its full value-adding potential.

We sat down with Meg to discuss her experiences as a Procurement Pro to Know:

Source One: What made you choose a career in Supply Management?

Megan Connell: What appealed to me most about a career in Supply Management was that you're able to get a glimpse into how different companies operate. You're not just looking at how they're positioned to the general public, but gaining an understanding into what informs their decision making.

Source One: What's your favorite thing about the work yo do?

Megan Connell: What I enjoy the most about my job is that we get to learn the inner workings of companies of all different sizes, geographies, and industries. Each company is different in how they allocate their spend, how they structure themselves, how they operate, etc. This means the work I do with each client is always different. Even within similar categories and industries we're tasked with customizing strategies.

Source One: In your opinion, what sets award-winning Procurement professionals apart?

Megan Connell: I think what sets leading Procurement professionals apart is adaptability - both to the changing world of Supply Chain Management and to situations they face in their day-to-day responsibilities.

Give Source One a call today to partner yourself with award-winning Procurement consultants.  Together, we'll optimize your purchasing operations and set your company up to win awards of its own.
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