In just over two years, Consultant Jonathan Groda has distinguished himself as one of Source One's most flexible and valuable assets. With broad category expertise and an inventive approach to Procurement and Strategic Sourcing, he's already earned a number of internal distinctions.

This year, he adds Supply and Demand Chain Executive's Pro to Know award to his list of accomplishments. The award not only recognizes his cost reduction efforts, but also his dedication to refining Source One's proprietary technologies.  Thanks to his efforts, Source One's clients enjoy access to a streamlined, user-friendly spend analysis and opportunity assessment tool.

Jonathan's efforts have helped his clients optimize their spend profiles, and they've helped set his organization apart a uniquely tech-enabled Procurement Services Provider.

We sat down to ask Jonathan a few questions about his life in supply management.

Source One: What made you choose a career in Supply Management?

Jonathan: I discovered a passion for analytic work in my former life as an administrative assistant. I didn’t necessarily “choose” supply management, an opportunity presented itself and I jumped. I could not be more pleased with where I landed!

Source One: What’s your favorite thing about the work you do?

Jonathan: My favorite part of procurement is the people I work with. If we strictly talk about the work, I like the range of projects I get to work on. It is difficult to get bored, I am constantly challenged, and I always feel like I am pushing my comfort boundaries, while learning at the same time.

Source One:   In your opinion, what sets award-winning Procurement professionals apart?

Jonathan: The team they work with.  You MUST be a team player in the procurement world. Second to being a team player, you have to be able to listen closely, work efficiently, and keep your eye on the end goal. Organization and the ability to communicate are also critical skills for success in the field.

Check back in with us throughout the week as we profile more 2018 Procurement Pros to Know.  Interested in building your own award-winning Procurement team? Contact the experts at Source One today.  We'll supplement your internal team with the insights and best practices that have earned us industry recognition for over two decades. 
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