Forgive me for stating the obvious, but every company wants to save money.  Some want to save so badly that they aggressively pursue outrageous savings targets.  Throwing time and resources into half-baked initiatives, many find themselves exhausting their Procurement teams only to achieve disappointing results.

How do companies and their Procurement units avoid these disappointments in the future? The key, according to Source One Director Diego De la Garza, is to conduct a thorough, unbiased assessment of your organization's maturity and capabilities before setting savings objectives.

This week, De la Garza joins the Source One podcast to discuss the importance of Procurement Maturity Assessments.  A company can't properly leverage Procurement or align it to meet enterprise-wide goals unless they fully understand what it's resources can and cannot accomplish.  Once they've developed that understanding they can reconfigure the department to better serve their efforts.

Give the episode a listen today.

Source One's Procurement specialists have helped assess and redesign Procurement groups in a variety of industries.  Contact them today and start meeting your most ambitious savings goals.
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