Adam Cooperman, ConvergeOne
This month, Source One's PartnerCast features Adam Cooperman, Vice President of ConvergeOne--a leading integrator of best-in-class communications and IT solutions. Adam, who leads the ConvergeOne Program Management team, discusses the synergies between IT and Procurement and how a strategic sourcing process can lay the foundation for successful IT project management.

Cooperman's insight comes at a time when sourcing and IT are seeing greater collaboration and engagement among their groups. In fact, he points out three key trends in IT program management that have been directly impacting the strategic sourcing process:

1) Consolidation of suppliers: Companies are evaluating IT suppliers and see if there is a way to consolidate for efficiency and economies of scale.
2) Outsourcing Transition: Companies are becoming more strategic in their transition plans to outsource certain IT services.
3) Increased Demand for Skill: Companies are turning to suppliers for specific tech skills and resources.

Throughout this PartnerCast, it is clear that sourcing play a significant role and directly influence its impact on IT. To listen to the PartnerCast, visit SourceOne's iTunes channel and select episode 15, "PartnerCast: Interview with Adam Cooperman of ConvergeOne."

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