As people in the United States are living longer and with the rise of better, faster, and more advanced technology, there is now more hope for the aging community.

We all have or know of elders that are reaching that age in their life where they are forgetful or have Alzheimer, Diabetes, or some kind or form of health issue. Now there are apps in the market places for various mobile operating systems that offer medicine reminders to the elderly on when to take their medication and provide tips on diets and exercise. 

Even though not all baby boomers are well-versed in smartphones or even have one, this isn't a losing battle for technology. The next generation (my generation) will grow old with these devices and will have the knowledge and familiarity to operate one. So it's in the best interest of app developers to continue to invest in this market and cater to the needs of aging populations.

A lot of care-giving is managing a strict schedule of doctor visits and medicine dosing. The future of care-giving technology will include the providing of medicine, appointment, and eating reminders, plus memory support services, tracking and location services, universal remote controls for home devices, and providing easy access to emergency contacts and information.

As I age and become a part of the diseased and/or elderly demographics, I envision the care-giving technology to be all of the above, while also including a built-in thermometer, glucose monitor, and potentially even a virtual doctor - all at my fingertips through my, by then, geniusphone.

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