ICYMIM: December 9, 2019

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Lease Spend is a Hidden Category worth Millions in Savings, Strategic Value for Business
JP Morris, Spend Matters, 12/8/2019
If you’re looking for a new spend category to pull value from, you may want to look more closely at your leases Unfortunately, leases are often weakly managed. Favorably for procurement teams, there’s an opportunity to sharpen things up and realize some serious cost reduction potential. JP Morris demonstrates the true value of the lease management and how you can make the category a serious value driver.

5 Tips on Buying Procurement Technology (Part 2) - Learn to walk before you run
Magnus Bergfors, Spend Matters, 12/6/2019
The tech market has a lot to offer, and that can make the buying process complex. If your procurement team is in the process of adopting new software, a full-proof strategy is a necessity. Magnus Rober explains five tips for making informed and strategic decisions about procurement technology investments.

Where We Stand on the Journey to Gender Diversity
Sarah Scudder, Future of Sourcing, 12/03/2019
There’s a wide gender gap in Procurement that demands our attention. While there have been some notable leaps in workplace diversity in the past few years, there is still a lot of work to be done. Sarah’s Scudder lays out what some companies are doing right and what other companies are missing completely.

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