ICYMIM: December 2, 2019

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How Digital Transformation is Reinventing Finance and Accounting Departments
Spend Matters, 11/26/2019
The Procurement financial management function is becoming more future-focused with each technological advance. With AI and predictive analytics on the rise, procurement will be able to make more informed decisions than ever. Here’s some insight into how the field is digitally transforming for good. 

5 Tips: So, why do you want to invest in Procurement technology? 
Magnus Bergfors, Spend Matters, 11/27/2019
Unsurprisingly, technology is quickly shaping the future of procurement. But, with a wide variety and deep selection of new technology, businesses will need to be strategic in choosing the right applications for their supply chain. Magnus Bergfors provides us five tips for investing in procurement technology. 

How Relating is More Powerful than Competing
Amanda Prochaska, Future of Sourcing, 11/30/2019
Rather than encouraging a combative mindset, the procurement function is moving in a relationship-focused direction. It’s time to start viewing suppliers as collaborators rather than an entity to compete with. Amanda Prochaska suggests that procurement teams ditch the competitive edge and start communicating productively with one another.  
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