The Art of Procurement recently made a series of big announcements. In addition to consolidating his various brands, Founder and Managing Director Philip Ideson is hoping to change the face of Procurement training with a new platform: AoP Nudge.

Providing its user-base with access to a growing collection of content and facilitating constructive discussions, the Nudge offers a solution to Procurement's talent development problem. Ideson suggests this problem is one the function's most pervasive. He writes, "I have long believed that traditional learning and development strategies are not delivering the desired outcomes for a large number of CPOs. Though Procurement "aspires to make a difference," its efforts are hampered by organizations who "are consistently reducing their investments in its professional development."

Ideson's observations are supported by last year's Deloitte CPO Survey. The survey finds that fewer than half of Procurement leaders believe their teams have what it takes to deliver on their strategic objectives. How are they responding? Unfortunately, it's not by ramping up their investments in training or making a change to their programs. In fact, 72% of organizations are currently spending less than 2% of their total resources on talent development.

Nudge represents both an evolution and a rebuke of existing training programs. While most corporate training simply aims to drive understanding, the Art of Procurement’s new platform goes several steps further. Ideson intends for it to both drive behavioral change and create a traceable line between Procurement's training programs and its results. Nudge’s structured, microlearning-based approach, he hopes, will make it impossible to deny that talent development has a real, measurable impact.

Even the most enthusiastic Procurement professional can grow fatigued with drawn-out, classroom-based education. Nudge shakes up this traditional model by presenting users with short snippets of customizable, contextualized content. The approach encourages investment on the user's part and allows them to focus on the skills that are most important to their development and their organization's future.

On the subject of skills, Ideson acknowledges that Procurement's future calls for flexible professionals with diverse abilities. That's why he's built Nudge's training apparatus around six distinct personas. Each speaks to a different subset of capabilities that Procurement professionals must rely on to perform effectively. From the change management-focused Catalyst to the culturally aware Coach, they reflect the multi-faceted nature of a truly impactful Procurement unit.

Users also have options when it comes to subscription models. Three different versions of the Nudge platform are available:

Professional - For those individuals interested in advancing their own capabilities supported by a community of peers.
Team - For those teams who want to take a programmatic approach to increasing Procurement's capabilities and map their journey to Nudge's development personas.
Enterprise - For those organizations seeking a fully customized version, mapped to their own capability framework.

What are you waiting for? #TakeAction today and empower your organization to enter Procurement’s next strategic era.

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