ICYMIM: February 11, 2019

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Supply Chain Risk: Insights on the Issues and a Look at Hacking Threats
JP Morris, Spend Matters, 2/7/2019
Morris covers a webinar held by former Spend Matters managing director, Peter Smith, and riskmethods' leader, Bill DeMartino, on supply chain risk. They make a point that while supply chain risk can never be eliminated, it can be mitigated and they cover best practices for proper risk management. They also glean into the cyber risks covered in their latest white paper, including the different types of hackers you could encounter. Visit the post at Spend Matters for links to the full webinar and whitepaper download.

Supply Chain Finance Gets Faster, Cheaper with Technology Like Blockchain, IoT
Alex Behrens, Spend Matters, 2/6/2019
The nature of technology like blockchain systems and the Internet of things have major implications to SCF when it comes to speed and cost. Behrens notes blockchain systems' single source of truth and IoT proliferation as a couple key ways in which the technologies will benefit Supply Chain Finance, and how this could lead to expansion to smaller and more diverse suppliers. Visit for more details.

Where's the Beef Coming From?
Michael Lamoureux, Sourcing Innovation, 2/5/2019
Consider the "beef" or substance of our software deals and don't get fooled by the "dressings" of the order. Alluding to Wendy's famous commercial and tagline "Where's the beef," Lamoureux opens our eyes to the dog-and-pony sales tricks a lot of software companies try to get over with. Next time you're in the market, be sure to focus on the meat, or real value of the deal, and not the bells and whistles. Visit the post for more details.
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