For Marketing professionals, budgets are often a moving target. With Source One's new Marketing Infrastructure & Network Diagram solution, long-terms goals and strategic roadmaps don't have to be.

Source One designed MIND to supplement the standard spend analysis and category planning processes with a Marketing-specific solution tailored to the category's unique nuances. It provides Marketing sourcing professionals with increased visibility into their agency relationships and enables them to optimize budgets and drive efficiency across the organization.

"Marketing is more than just a cost center" says Megan Connell, a Senior Marketing Consultant at Source One. "That's why we approach the category as an investment and strive to take pains to maximize the value of our clients' agency relationships."

Historically, organizations have established a dichotomy between Procurement and Marketing. Source One's expert consultants excel at bridging this gap and encouraging productive collaboration. Like other areas of their service offering, the MIND solution is applied through a hands-on, multi-step process:

  • Source One conducts an in-depth data collection process to build their understanding of Marketing's current and future state. 
  • Leveraging a customized spend taxonomy, Source One conducts a Marketing-specific spend analysis exercise. 
  • Following the analysis, the Marketing Procurement consultants develop a visual representation of the marketing agency network. Where necessary, they work to re-engineer the client's agency roster. 
  • Armed with their results, Source One collaborates with the client's Marketing unit to build a roadmap for delivering on their goals and objectives in the category. 
Organizations that leverage Source One's MIND solution enjoy greater visibility, develop more actionable strategic roadmaps, and quickly identify emerging risk factors. Contact Source One's Marketing Procurement specialists to learn more about this innovative new service offering today. 

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