ICYMIM: November 5, 2018

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Fraud Permeates Your Supply Chain . . . 
Michael Lamoureux, Sourcing Innovation, 11/1/2018
Outdated platforms are doing far more than hampering efficiency and results. In this follow-up to his iZombie series, the Sourcing Doctor suggests they're also allowing fraud and unscrupulous practices to prevail unnoticed. For example, a buyer and supplier might collude to inflate their quality and reliability metrics. Carriers might charge double for fuel, marketing teams might disguise extravagances as expenses, whatever the fraud, it'll likely fly under the radar if your organization employs an iZombie platform. Lamoureux continues to advocate for more modern solutions by exploring the various types of supply chain fraud in two additional blogs. 

Jonathan Messinger, Spend Matters, 11/5/18
Over the last few years, organizations in all industries have scrambled to adopt cloud-powered solutions and embrace the future of their business. Now that adoption is (largely) complete, a new issue has presented itself. How can organizations effectively manage the cloud? Softchoice's new report, The State of Cloud Readiness 2018, suggests it's a question that many organizations are still struggling to answer. Responses reveal that 43% of IT leaders have run into trouble developing cloud management strategies. More than half (57%) have exceeded their cloud budget at least once in their attempts. Still, the report was not without its promising findings. 61% of executives 'strongly agree' that the cloud has helped advance their organization toward its goals. 

Today's Most Important Ground Transportation Trends
ThomasNet, 11/5/2018
ThomasNet examines some of the trends driving the future of logistics and ground-based transportation. Digital disruption, they suggest, is a hot topic among industry professionals. Preparedness varies. Citing a DHL survey, ThomasNet suggests that only 55% of organizations feel equipped to hit the ground running when digitization takes full effect. A somewhat larger group (63%) expect AI to enhance their decision making capability. Among other things, they hope to realize the benefit of enhanced visibility, predictive risk management, and reduced carbon emissions. 
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