ICYMIM: November 26, 2018

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Number of U.S. Freelancers Dropped in 2018, But Talent Pool Still Deep 
JP Morris, Spend Matters, 11/21/2018
2018 marks the first year since 2014 that the number of American freelancers has decreased. According to a report from Upwork and Edelman Intelligence, there are now about 600,000 fewer freelancers than at this time last year. Reflecting on the report, Morris suggests that an increasingly strong traditional job market has seen a number of workers transition into full-time positions. Despite the slight drop-off, it's clear that contingent labor is still an attractive option for employers and employees alike. In fact, the report finds that more than half of freelancers would not take a traditional job for any amount of money. 

David Trachtenberg, Future of Sourcing, 11/23/2018
"AI," Trachtenberg suggests, "is especially disruptive for the contingent workforce sector." What was once an area characterized by reams of paperwork and rampant process inefficiencies is now increasingly proactive and prescriptive. Arming hiring managers with 'match algorithms,' many advanced tools are helping organizations identify leading talent more quickly and eliminate manual aspects of the process. By cutting out time-consuming tasks, HR professionals can devote their efforts to more strategic initiatives like employee engagement and talent development.

Shifting the Public Perception of Supply Chain Careers
Staff Writer, ThomasNet, 11/26/2018
Thomasnet suggests that Supply Chain Management's talent shortage stems from a number of factors. Chief among these are the perception that the field in old-fashioned and a general lack of on-the-job training. Organizations need to refine their processes for recruiting, hiring, and developing talent to better attract the emerging crop of young professionals. Human Resources teams, for example, need to retool their methods. With more humanized processes, they'll reduce their risk of scaring away or exhausting top-notch applicants. 
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