May 25, 2018

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction experts have been featured this week!

New Whitepaper Series:
Procurement Transformation: Industry Perspectives
Source One collects insights and reflections from across Supply Management for its new whitepaper series. Throughout Procurement and Transformation: Industry Perspectives, a collection of thought leaders will provide their thoughts on the ever-popular topic. Offering tips and best practices to organizations at every maturity level, they hope to drive the discussion forward and provide a comprehensive picture of what Procurement Transformation really means.

Part 1 - Procurement Transformation: Then & Now
Jim Baehr provides a historical overview of Procurement Transformation in Part 1 of our new whitepaper series. Over the last 35 years, the definition of transformation has evolved alongside the function itself. Baehr charts this evolution and offers strategies for initiating a successful transformation today.

Part 2 - The Right Mindset
Why do so many Procurement transformations fail? In Part 2 of Procurement Transformation: Industry Perspectives, Joe Payne and Phil Ideson suggest problems with the department's mission and motivations are to blame. Procurement, they write, cannot transform its operations until it transforms the way it thinks.

Recent Podcasts:
Cross-Generational Collaboration in Procurement
The talent gap is an everyday concern for nearly every Procurement department. Experts hope that tech-savvy and collaborative millenials will help to close this gap and drive the function into the future. Within many departments, however, cross-generational friction is still holding Procurement back. Associate Director Jennifer Ulrich and Sourcing Intern Claire Nguyen join the Source One Podcast to discuss the importance of collaboration between millennial talent and veteran supply chain professionals.

Procurement Transformation: Then & Now 
Sourcing Strategies Group's Jim Baehr joins the Source One podcast to discuss his recent contribution to Procurement Transformation: Industry Perspectives and provide additional context. Baehr suggests some must-read texts, discusses the current state of Procurement Transformation, and forecasts the next 35 years in Supply Chain Management. 
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