By now, companies of all sizes and stripes have recognized the value a fully strategic Procurement function can bring. A world-class purchasing team sets the tone for producing far more than cost savings. At their best, Procurement teams drive change, communicate goals, and dictate strategy across the entire organization. Not all Procurement units, however, are ready to step up and conduct the orchestra yet.

At ISM2018, Kaitlyn Krigbaum will offer her insights to companies looking to transform Procurement and provide it a more essential role within their company. Her presentation Orchestrating a Procurement Transformation: A Symphony of Recruiting, Branding, and Leading will provide ISM attendees with strategies for attracting and retaining talent, communicating Procurement's value, and ultimately maturing into a business partner.

Krigbaum joins ISM2018 Sessions to discuss the upcoming session. She offers listeners insights for refining Procurement's brand identity to encourage cross-department collaboration and help make it a leader within your organization. Give it a listen today.

Attending ISM2018? Be sure to attend Orchestrating a Procurement Transformation on May 7th to learn more best practices for optimizing Procurement's people, processes, and performance. 

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