Graduation season is here again. That means a whole new crop of Procurement and Supply Management professionals are getting ready to enter the workforce and embark on exciting careers. They'll need to work hard to distinguish themselves. They're entering a workforce that's crowded with educated, tech-savvy, and innovative young professionals - all of whom are looking to get their start.

Entering the job market for the first time is scary. Post-collegiate uncertainty can elevate the stress levels of even the most decorated graduates. These days, however, it's not just applicants feeling the pressure. In the highly-competitive market for Procurement talent, the candidate actually has the upper-hand. They'll still need to work hard, but standing out is no longer their responsibility alone. Hiring managers, too, need to set their organization apart and sell the unique benefit of their employee experience.

Many are already doing an effective job. Combining internal resources with third-party recruiters, they're taking an active role in locating the next generation of Procurement leaders. These organizations will likely identify (and soon employ) the Class of 2018's most promising young professionals.

Recent graduates are just one particularly active sector of the Procurement talent pool. There's a world of world-class professionals out there who are only passively looking into their options. Procurement can no longer take a passive approach to pursuing these individuals. A lackluster job board posting won't cut it. Check out some tips for directly sourcing passive talent from the recruiting and staffing team at Source One.

1. Partner with Universities
More colleges than ever are offering degree programs for Supply Chain Management. These programs are incubators for the skill-sets and expertise you'll need to build an optimal, fully strategic Procurement department. Do some research. Determine which programs tend to produce candidates that align with your companies goals, values, and internal culture. Attending job fairs and other on-campus events can help you establish a rapport with promising students and turn them from passive job-seekers to active applicants. You might even consider reaching out to professors. They'll know better than anyone which students show particular promise. With a little effort, you can establish a pipeline of talent from the classroom to your offices.

2. Leverage Veteran Placement Organizations
Like graduates, many veterans find themselves in a transitional space. Leaving the armed forces, they're looking to apply their skills and experiences in a new position. Forming a partnership with a veteran placement organization can help your organization activate this group of candidates. The skills they've honed in the military could be just what your organization is looking for. Veterans are leaders who've learned to make tough decisions in high-pressure situations. Applying those leadership skills to Procurement, they can help the department take its place as a strategic business partner and an agent for enterprise-wide change.

3. Check Your Databases
Hopefully you haven't been tossing out applications. Occasionally, the right hire only reveals themselves well after you've turned them down or forgotten about their application. As Procurement's role evolves, your definition of a best-fit hire will naturally evolve with it. It's possible that near-miss candidates from the past are what your team needs for the future. Ensure your hiring managers or recruiters are consistently surveying your resume database. Relocate promising applications and sort them by position. With a more organized database, you'll feel prepared to reach out when you're in need of someone new. Many past applicants will have accepted new jobs, but with the right incentives you can bring them aboard and start constructing a stronger Procurement function.

Taking the hunt for passive talent into your own hands doesn't mean going it alone. Reach out to Source One's experts today for help identifying the next member of your Procurement team.
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