Day 3 of ISM2018 was also the second and final day of Source One's ExecIn sub-conference. The leading firm's Procurement Transformation experts spent the day in the company of their most forward-thinking peers and professional associates. 

Before ExecIn got underway, all ISM2018 attendees were welcomed to a keynote address from former CIA Director John Brennan and former NSA Director Gen. Keith Alexander. Focused on emerging cybersecurity threats and trends, the presentation was predictably engaging. Whether they like to admit it or not, everyone in attendance at ISM2018 is vulnerable to data breaches and other cyberattacks. More and more companies face the consequences of these attacks every day. Leveraging their years of highly relevant experience, Brennan and Kelly shed light on what are often mysterious concerns for supply chain professionals. 

Source One came prepared. Operating out of Booth #729, the Procurement leaders offered free webcam screen covers to conference guests. More than a few stopped by to pick one up and take another step toward digital security.

Following their keynote discussion, both Brennan and Kelly joined ExecIn to provide additional insights. Cybersecurity, they reminded the audience, is about far more than protecting business interests. As the threat of digital conflicts looms, it's increasingly essential for supply chain managers to take the lead in promoting safe and sustainable practices.

The atmosphere was electric. Once again, the thought leaders in attendance freely expresses their own data protection and cybersecurity concerns. The ensuing conversation reminded everyone in attendance that some of the same concerns plague nearly every supply chain.
Deborah Stanton of CAPS Research addressed similarly wide-reaching concerns in her presentation to ExecIn attendees. Titled Supply Management 2020, the engaging discussion focused on the metrics and research that's currently defining successful Procurement.

Stanton's presentation included a wealth of facts and figures, but one stood out as particularly surprising. According to CAPS, she reported, only 38% of organizations currently identify their approach to supply management as 'strategic.' Obviously, everyone at ExecIn could count themselves among this minority, but the figure is still staggering. It suggests that Procurement departments still have their work cut out for them. They've still got to work against bias and misconceptions to reveal their value and attract executive investment.

The supply chain leaders at ExecIn next enjoyed an exclusive session with keynote speaker John Rossman. Rossman provided more than a preview of his upcoming keynote address. The former Amazon executive engaged the audience in a wide-reaching discussion on the subjects of innovation and excellence.

During his time with Amazon, Ross presided over revolutionary shifts. He leveraged this experience to provide the sort of thought leadership ExecIn attendees have come to expect. Everyone in attendance - Source One's cost reduction team included - are eager to apply Rossman's best practices to their own efforts. 

The final day of ISM2018 is underway. If you're in attendance, don't forget to check out Overcoming Procurement's Internal Image Problem. Co-hosted by Source One Director Diego De la Garza, the presentation will provide tips for changing the conversation without your company and helping Procurement reach its full potential.

Stay tuned for coverage of Day 4.
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