Source One Round Up

June 2, 2017

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction
 experts have been featured this week!


Best Practices For New Hire Onboarding
Megan Connell, MRA Global Blog, 5/29/2017

When it comes to integrating new employees, every organization takes it's own unique approach. Megan Connell describes how Source One interviewed existing team members to collect feedback on which aspects of their experience were most efficient and suggestions on what could be done differently.  They evaluated the length, format, process and best practices, and tools and technology to ensure every aspect was aligned for a thorough experience. While introducing new hires to the programs they have access to is fairly simple, other aspects of on boarding such as orientating company culture are more difficult. Essentially, a smooth and effective on boarding process sets new hires up for success that can benefit the entire organization.

No Leverage? No Problem: Tips For Turning A Lack Of Negotiating Leverage Into A Winning Strategy
Nicholas Harasymczuk, Buyers Meeting Point, 5/31/2017            

For consultants, negotiation skills are crucial. Before signing anything, it's important to understand how long you are going to be committed to a supplier and how this detail can be beneficial when leveraging time and value against price discount. A certain level of transparency when it comes to communicating your intentions is also a sign of professional courtesy and a proven method for driving engaging discussions. The ability to read body language is another skill that all quality negotiators possess, that allows them to use physical or nonverbal  signals that can send a message about the true effects of their negotiation methods on the people they're negotiating with. Finally it's important to realize that leverage goes beyond negotiating prices, and you can gain the upper hand by utilizing other sources to reach your desired terms.

Next week, Source One will join Corporate United on their Road to SYNERGY stop in Baltimore, Maryland! This one-day conference is the first in the series and kicks off the events by welcoming procurement and supply chain professionals local to the area for exclusive sessions! Audiences can look forward to an agenda of informative and educational presentations from industry thought-leaders and networking opportunities to discuss spend management hot topics with other attendees throughout the day. With a variety of engaging sessions to anticipate, members can guarantee valuable takeaways to bring back to work and apply when planning ahead for their organization. Once the Baltimore event wraps up, Source One and Corporate United will be on the Road to SYNERGY again for Dallas, Texas for the next stop in the series!

On June 14th, ISM New York is welcoming local procurement and supply chain experts for their annual Risk Management Conference! The event was originally scheduled for the end of March but was postponed due to inclement weather. Attendees can still anticipate the agenda as planned, which includes the industry thought leaders scheduled to present and other educational sessions throughout the day. The one day conference is sure to offer audiences a range of valuable insights from a variety of perspectives in the industry on hot topics and current events. These conversations will bring up  important factors to consider when planning for the future of any procurement or supply chain management organization. Professionals in the New York area can use this opportunity to regroup after attending ISM's annual international conference which was hosted in Orlando, Florida this year. Source One looks forward to seeing familiar faces from ISM2017 while making new connections with other experts in the procurement and supply chain industry.

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