ICYMIM: June 5, 2017

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Webinar Notes: The Digital Procurement Era
Kelly Barner, Buyers Meeting Point, 5/26/2017

The most recent webinar in BravoSolution's 2017 Real World Procurement Series focused on digital procurement's and the effect digital capabilities have on procurement in today's business environment. All this convergence gives the industry no choice but to speed up to gain a competitive advantage against new technology that is allowing goods and information to move faster. When decisions are being made quickly and with more accuracy, there is less division and more fluidity between organizations. For this reason, a multi-organizational, multi-functional view is necessary to ensure the business objectives of all those involved are aligned.

5 Supply Management Takeaways from ISM2017
Jennifer Shore, ThomasNet, 5/30/2017

The busy schedule for ISM2017 offered endless insights and valuable takeaways, including these five brought to us by our friends at ThomasNet. Keynote speaker General Colin Powell referenced his military experienced and explained how logistics allow you to face and defeat an enemy in a war zone and in the supply management industry. The effect of global supply chains on the global economy is important to consider, and often overlooked. Some professionals in the industry have become concerned with new technology that may replace their jobs, but with these innovations comes new jobs and it's clear that supply chain has a bright future.

The Connected Office: How IoT Is Disrupting Office Products 
Sonda Sahley, Corporate United, 6/1/2017

Smart devices that make our personal lives easier and more convenient are just one many things enabled by IoT technology. Office products are also being changed because of Iot, as new products and services are recreating the modern office to be more productive for employees working together around the world. For procurement professionals, this means new technology and Iot-enabled devices that have purchasing capabilities to automate requests that anticipate the need for new supplies. The future is also predicted to include products that would regularly require scheduled maintenance instead being able to notify the provider or manufacturer before there even is an issue.

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