Internships are a crucial part to every college student's education as they offer both unique learning opportunities and hands-on, real world experience to prepare them for beginning their professional careers. Each season, we introduce you to the young professionals participating in Source One's internship program. These students are gaining real-world experience through the projects and initiatives they have the opportunity to participate in during their time at Source One. Previously, we shared a little bit about Sam, Noah, and Ashley in Part 1 of the Summer Intern introductions. Now, meet the rest of the interns joining the team this summer in Part 2 below!
Something I really appreciate and find unique about Source One is how diligent everyone is about explaining how the work that I do fits in with the procurement process. 
My name is David Tong and I’m a 22 year old Chicago native. I am about to graduate from The University of Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy specializing in Finance. I was a varsity swimmer for four years in college and studied abroad for one quarter in Hong Kong. Before coming to Source One, my professional experiences were heavily focused in finance and banking. However, I realized that a career in consulting would better fit my interests. I became interested in supply chain management through an internship I had previously and was fortunate enough to find the internship opportunity with Source One through my school.

My Source One experience has been outstanding so far—the projects that I receive have real tangible value and everyone is incredibly friendly. The office has a great culture that is as much about performance as it is about learning. Something I really appreciate and find unique about Source One is how diligent everyone is about explaining how the work that I do fits in with the procurement process. This is important because it develops my knowledge base and gives value to my work. I am interested in pursuing a career in the supply side of business whether it be in supply chain management or supply chain financing. Source One has been able to provide me with a deeper look into the supply chain and how to maximize cost savings for businesses. My goal for this internship is to deepen my understanding of the procurement process and gain experience in different industries.

My name is Sarah Cho, and I am twenty-one years old. Although originally from Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, I now attend Boston University where I am a rising senior. Much of my coursework has been directed toward STEM subjects and economics; therefore, coming from a liberal arts background, there was a steep learning curve during my first weeks at Source One. Thankfully the analysts and consultants I've worked with have been insightful on strategic sourcing and procurement processes, and I find myself learning something new everyday.

Among my first tasks were projects involving benchmarking and spend analysis. Every member of the Source One team that I had the opportunity to work with has been eager to teach me their tips, and I have great willingness to learn. Even through these very first interactions, I was able to participate in a necessary part of a greater goal. Although my academic coursework is not directed toward supply chain, the skills learned at Source One are applicable in a variety of settings. This experience so far has offered a unique perspective that I will inevitably apply in the future and be reminded of how valuable my time at Source One was. This is easily what I appreciate most about this internship and the opportunity to gain experience and learn outside the classroom.

My name is Emily Simonsen, and I am a 21-year-old from Horsham, Pennsylvania, a small suburban town outside of Philadelphia near the Willow Grove office. I am senior at American University studying Journalism focused in Digital and Print Media, along with International Relations focused in Human Rights, Security and Conflict Resolution, regionally focused in Europe. At American University, I keep myself occupied with the International Relations Honors Fraternity, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, AU Abroad and Alternative Breaks, along with frequenting the gym. 

After serving in multiple Communication departments of primarily non-profit entities with a global presence or affiliates, I decided it was fundamental I also work in the for-profit sector to ascertain the best fit for my future career. Source One has been pivotal for my future career – the firm has offered insights into the complex minutia and mechanisms of serving various clients of versatile backgrounds, and continues to provide me with extensive experience in content generation and promotional materials, along with an introduction to procurement practices and supply-chain business.

Beyond industry information, the Source One team has been incredibly welcoming. Certainly, Source One has created an air of affability that makes anyone feel right at home, encouraging an atmosphere of helpfulness and room for continuous growth. Indubitably, in the future post-graduation, my Source One experiences and the Communication skills I gained from the consulting industry will continue to resonate and guide my future choices. 

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