IT Sourcing: The importance of defining requirements
In 2017 alone, business leaders are expected to spend $3.49 trillion on software and IT services.
When it comes to purchases IT software or hardware, it comes as no surprise ROI is a top concern. These tools and products can provide efficiency throughout your organization and create new opportunities across operations and processes that have the potential to take your business to the next level. However there are so many options in today's world where new technological innovations are revealed regularly, one of the most difficult steps in updating your software and IT needs is selecting the right tools.

Before even evaluating all the options you believe your business has, develop a comprehensive set of system and user requirements. Decide what components are negotiable and which are necessary to assist in eliminating potential suppliers before you even create your RFP. It's common that sourcing professionals will request that businesses provide a User or System Requirements Specification Document to identify potential suppliers that meet these specifications. It's never too early to outline these needs and offer any details that can allow Sourcing professionals to leave out suppliers that may not be able to provide all these specifications and prevent them from participating in a sourcing event for business they have no chance of winning. To save time and energy for everyone involved, it's best as the business to decide on a good set of system requirements in the very beginning. Technology gives your business a competitive edge and shapes the future of your organization, and you will want to seriously consider the needs of your business and the options available before making any decisions.

This week, The Institute for Supply Management invites supply management professionals to meet for a three day event in Washington, D.C. focused entirely on technology solutions and services. ISM Tech 2017 offers supply management professionals the opportunity to meet with experts and leaders in the industry to learn about new possibilities and cost-reducing efficiencies in a range of departments throughout any business. The conference also allows attendees to collaborate with innovative suppliers and top providers in procurement to discuss solutions for existing challenges and opportunities for growth in the future. The IT and Telecom experts on the Source One team are looking forward to meeting with attendees to offer their services and professional experiences.

ISM Tech 2017 is just one of the many events the Institute for Supply Management hosts in preparation of the international annual conference that welcomes supply chain and procurement professionals from around the world. ISM2017 is one of the most highly anticipated events in the industry, with more than 2,500 professionals from all over the world meeting in Orlando, FL for four days of presentations and informative sessions from leaders in the industry. The conference also features sub-conference ExecIn, sponsored exclusively by Source One. ExecIn is designed for procurement decision makers and leaders in their organizations, with opportunities to meet with other professionals at their level that share a similar perspective. 
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