ICYMIM: March 6, 2017

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Philip Ideson, The Art of Procurement, 2/24/2017

As procurement professionals, we are constantly considering the future of the industry and how today's developments will effect the expectations for tomorrow. Ideson addresses a common hot topic and visible trend in procurement, where newly appointed CPO's are coming from outside of the industry, without a background in procurement, that is creating a concern for those who have based their entire careers in the industry. To avoid losing a CPO role to someone outside of the industry, Ideson provides a few suggestions. 

The Doctor (AKA Michael Lamoureux)- Sourcing Innovation, 2/28/2017

Traditional supplier systems are mainly capable of distributing reminders for reviewing or revising contracts and agreements, but aren't able to offer much else. The ideal system would integrate with suppliers systems (MRP, CRM, etc) and simultaneously create a focus for suppliers on missing, outlier and other information that requires confirmation for a more thorough and efficient process overall. When selecting a system or provider for supplier solutions services, Lamoureux, AKA The Doctor, recommends considering how this solution can enable the supplier in addition to your business. 

Michael Cosgrove, ThomasNet, 3/1/2017

Many organizations struggle to update and reorganize processes with the new technology and digital trends that are appearing daily in today's world, often referred to as The Digital Industrial Revolution. While the best approach for businesses to be taking varies on their specific industry and other individual factors, there are some general guidelines to consider when adopting these new technological and digital advancements to guarantee a successful transition and overall benefit for your company.  
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