Approaching Sourcing from a Financial & Anthropological Background
 My name is Maxwell Glass and I am currently a senior at Drexel University majoring in Finance and minoring in Anthropology. Originally hailing from Abington, PA, I’ve had multiple opportunities throughout my college career to work co-op as an analyst for companies in both manufacturing and financial services. Based on my background in finance both academically and professionally, I’ve been placed with the Spend Analytics team at Source One. This specific group of experts are responsible for generating the Spend Analysis as a service web-platform I work alongside the project analysts, taking an in depth look at firm spends, trying to analyze them more efficiently and from a sourcing perspective. This role has allowed me to utilize my financial background, especially that considering balance sheet analysis, in a technical and practical situation in which I can see the benefits of my endeavors. Thus far I’ve had the opportunity to work on live client projects and be part of the beginning of an exciting chapter for Source One as we roll out Along the way I’ve had the opportunity to work with a range of experts at Source One, from analysts to senior consultants in ever-changing fashions. This has allowed me to understand the basis of our work and how to best go about our day-to-day actions so as to provide the best results for our clients.
My experience with Source One has proved greatly influential in where I see myself in the future as I plan to remain in the consulting field. 
So far my favorite aspects have been the experience working with the people and skills gained from entering the sourcing industry. Source One is a warm environment where we enjoy both the work we do and those around us, leading to things such as going out for lunch together, playing pool in the office after hours, or even the interactions when working together on a project. Each person comes from a vastly different background and experience which only serves to add to our diversity and the perspectives provided. Once in the sourcing industry we’ve been able to apply our previous knowledge while gaining a solid understanding and comprehension of industry practices and jargon. The skills and topics gained from sourcing are proving invaluable to not only myself but also those around me as it adds a practical application to technical abilities and provides an avenue to solve real-world difficulties.

The ability to come in every day without full knowledge of what tasks must be handled or what surprises may arise has peaked my interest and abilities. Whether it be working with Python scripts to enhance, manually developing and analyzing live client data, or interacting directly with my teammates and clients, my position has been increasingly interesting and attention grabbing. After previous stints with firms in which I would sit at a desk for 8+ hours a day with little to no change in daily tasks or interactions, I could not go back. To say that my time with Source One has been pivotal would be an understatement.
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