ICYMIM: March 27, 2017

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Philip Ideson, Art of Procurement, 3/23/2017

As procurement professionals, it's important to consider the difference between where we focus our efforts and where the executives in our organizations believe we should focus our efforts. Traditionally procurement offered cost reducing initiatives that offered savings viewed as extremely valuable throughout the business. Procurement has developed, and their strategic efforts are proven to be a higher priority for company executives that are seeking to utilize the procurement function to it's full potential.

Contingent Workforce Management Is Changing - Are You Ready?
Tim Holland, Corporate United, 3/20/2017

When it comes to non-employee labor, there is considerable value that sourcing can offer when hiring independent contractors and other managed services. Achieving the paradigm shift in the way you approach this contingent workforce usually requires the support of your procurement group or other strategic sourcing professionals. It's more than updating old practices, focusing on qualitative and quantitative measures, applying ICC and technological advancements can upgrade your program to be best in class. 

Spring Will Be Here Soon. Time To Clean Up Your Procurement Operation
The Doctor AKA Michael Lamoureux, Sourcing Innovation, 3/16/2017

Identifying the people, processes, platforms, and progression in your procurement organization that require support to be reevaluated or redesigned is crucial in ensuring every aspect of your department is running smoothly. This is a first step in guaranteeing that your being as efficient as possible, and every part of your procurement group is on the same page. If you're using the latest platforms but you feel you aren't reaching your full potential, review the talent and change management to discover what is necessary to fill those gaps.

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