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ICYMIM: January 30, 2017

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Trending in Talent: The Top 3 Factors for 2017
Nick Lazzara - Spend Matters, 1/23/2017

The past year showed a rise in demand for supply management experts, and new approaches companies are taking for hiring new talent. Of course technology is a key player, along with a boost in employers supporting individual professional development through out their organization, and a blending of procurement talent from full-time employees, contractors, service providers, and group purchasing organizations. Nick Lazzara of MRA Global Sourcing reviews these trends in this guest post on Spend Matters.

Talent Tempering: Part I
The Doctor (AKA Michael Lamoureux) - Sourcing Innovation, 1/24/2017

Finding talent is no easy task, and achieving talent that is ideal for your organization is an even more difficult process. Specific expertise is key to success for every business, and recruiting professionals who are strong where your company may be lacking is the most efficient way to improve. Lamoureux emphasizes that just as with process transformation, you need to identify the gap between where you  are and where you want to be to make changes that benefit you.

Can Worker Training Programs Solve The Skills Gap in Manufacturing?
Christina O'Handley - ThomasNet, 1/25/2017

The financial responsibility of training programs is a price the U.S. government can pay, but they lack the talent required to manage these programs and effectively train workers. While on the other end, manufacturing organizations possess the knowledge and skills to teach employees but can't afford to initiate these systems. O'Handley shares a new concept created by the Aspen Institute that involves the two working together, government funding with businesses expertise.

Relocate Your Spend Strategy
Mark Mylett - Corporate United, 1/25/2017

Even for organizations that don't move facilities regularly, there can be serious financial consequences for not investing in facilities management that offers a strategy to ease the process and limit costs where possible. Mylett emphasizes how an office relocation program should be managed properly, regardless of how little of your overall spend is dedicated to this category, it can offer significant savings with the right management.

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