When you think of a consultant, what characteristics come to mind?

  • Problem solvers 
  • Process improvers
  • Change drivers 
  • Subject matter experts
Companies hire consultants to deliver advice and strategies for solving complex business challenges. And, there are countless areas of consulting including, financial services, IT, retail, travel, procurement. The list of potential consulting areas of expertise goes on and on- allowing motivated professionals to grow in a career focused on a field they're passionate about.

Tonight procurement consultants from Source One will be attending the Kellstadt Industry Night - Consulting at DePaul University. The event presents a unique opportunity for students interested in pursuing a consulting career to connect with leading consulting firms. The first part of the night consists of discussions with Kellstadt alumni currently in consulting roles, followed by a networking portion. Source One aims to shed light on procurement consulting and the role of a consultant in solving procurement and supply management challenges. 

So, what does it actually take to be a successful consultant?

1. A balance of confidence and humility
As the expert brought in to solve various business challenges, you can't be afraid to speak from a point of authority on subject matter you were hired to address. At the same time, remember that you may not have the answers to every question. Be humble enough to recognize when you need do additional research to find the answers. 

2. Learn how to listen
The first step to solving a problem is understanding it. Listen to your client. Don't assume you know the best route simply because you've solved a similar challenge elsewhere. Ask open ended questions and apply what you're learning from your client in solving their specific challenges.

3. Be a team player
Yep - teamwork makes the dream work. And when it comes to consulting, working together with your colleagues and your stakeholders is crucial to achieving your desired goal. Understand your team members' strengths and weaknesses so you're best able to tackle the task at hand. Take ownership of your contributions and be dependable member of your team.

4. Cultivate relationships
Points one through three ultimately lead to this: gaining trusting and build relationships with your clients. Your ability to calm and address their concerns, as well as working well with your team to deliver results is crucial to your success.

Interested in pursuing a career in consulting? The key is knowing that no matter the field or discipline, people are the driving force behind the business and having these key characteristics will help set you up for a fruitful career.

For more information on the available positions within the Source One team, visit: jobs.sourceoneinc.com.

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