ICYMIM: January 23, 2017

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Contemplating 'Big Data' in supply chain risk management
Kelly Barner – riskmethods, 1/05/2017

A big data approach goes beyond a search for information that is valuable to your organization. This data is achieved through multiple searches with specific targets and risk indicators, a process best performed by technology. In a recent interview with riskmethods' Director of Risk Intelligence Kasia Katrycz, Barner discusses big data, what the term actually means, and how it implies more than just an abundance of information.

The Doctor (AKA Michael Lamoureux) – Sourcing Innovation, 1/16/2017

Starting with determining if the Big C's have what you need, to clarifying the significance of a simple process that identifies where you are, and now deciding where you want to be, Lamoureux provides details for each step of Process Transformation. When it comes to figuring out where you want to be, Lamoureux suggests highlighting the steps most important for improvement, creating a framework for efficiency and effectiveness goals, and resolving why your choices are better than other options. 

  • Process Transformation: How Do You Get It Right? Part IVAfter determining the start and end points in the first three steps, this next part of Process Transformation is creating a plan to achieve that end goal. This step requires a gap analysis, where you evaluate what needs to be accomplished from where you are to get you to where you want to be. This step varies, as the route your business needs to take can either be fairly straightforward or more complex. 
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